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At Toast we have a great team that can cater to all your Web Design, Web Development and any other Website needs you may have! The toastees are well versed in the ways of google and know just want to do to get your company noticed on the world wide web.

We frequently send out Email Marketing Collateral including E-Newsletters for multiple clients. Toast also boasts multiple CMS (Content Management System) options, from a custom CMS to an Open Source CMS we can cater to all your needs. Toast has years of experience with E-Commerce websites and Online stores.

Talk to the Toastees today to take the hard work out of your hands.

Services we offer:

In a Designer Home Website Design

In a Designer Home Website Design

In A Designer Home is an online e-commerce store that offers some of the highest quality designer furniture, lighting, home wares and gifts. As the main point of contact between the customers and the company, the website was an integral part of the company's online strategy. Toast developed a clean, functional website which allowed the large variety of products to shine.

This campaign included a comprehensive google adwords campaign to create brand awareness and capture the market. As a campaign In a Designer Home required Web Design, Web Development, SEO, An interactive panel with a parallax effect using Javascript to give the illusion of a 3d space, Shopping cart and E-Commerce system.

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Design to Production Web Design

Design to Production have made waves in the Australian industrial design arena since their inception. At the forefront of innovation, DP are the go-to business for corporate clients with industrial design problems. Toast was approached by DP to design and develop an interactive, unique and innovative website that mirrored the cutting-edge solutions that DP were renowned for.

The Toast team used HTML, CSS and Javascript to create a website showcasing everything DP does as well as allowing clients login.

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Design to production web design

Baby on Holiday Website Design

Baby on Holiday is a unique resource for parents with babies who like to travel. It features destination specific articles, tips and hard to find products that make holidaying with a baby a smooth and seamless process.

After creating the Baby on Holiday Identity the Toastees continued this identity onto the Web Design, which needed to be clear, simple and easy to use. Their website features an online shop, fact sheets and articles, as well as rotating javascript elements.

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Sammut Developments Website Design

Sammut Developments create prestigious developments in Sydney and have won over 20 major building industry awards for their developments. Toast Design was asked to update their website to reflect the class and style of their developments and showcase their projects.

Toast created a simple and elegant site with easy to use navigation and full screen rotating images as the backgrounds. We ensured that the images were the main focus of the site showing off the elegance of Sammut Developments.

View Sammut developments website design

Sammut Developments Website design
View Gardening Central Website Design

Gardening Central Website Design

Toast was asked to refresh the E-Commerce website Gardening Central to meet the needs of a rapidly expanding customer base. The website Toast created was uncomplicated, adaptable and versatile with the key message of "Gardening" still clear.

The redesign and development of the site lead to an immediate increase in online sales showing its effectiveness in Web Design and usability. This result was achieved through intense research on previous use of the site, including how customers were interacting with the website, where they were abandoning checkout and addressing any weaknesses.

Not only did we develop a successful online presence for Gardening Central but also continue to send out E-Newsletters, email marketing, a social media campaign and much more.

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PBD Architects Web Design

PBD Architects are a multidisciplinary design/developments management practice that have been significantly expanding based on their great work around Sydney.

Following the PDB rebrand Toast Designed and Developed a website that showcased recent PDB projects, provided information on the company as well as a showreel. With a striking, minimalistic design the PDB site emulated everything that PDB represented and showcased.

View PBD Architects Web Design

PBD Architects Web Design
Shore Website Design

Shore Website Design

Shore is a development of luxury apartments situated in the quiet coastal suburb of Doll Point. The result Toast came up with was a representation of the meeting of sea and land to promote the beautiful surrounds of the apartments.

The Shore website showcases the lifestyle that the beach side setting facilitates. The captivating Shore website is elegant and enchanting. With a focus on imagery and imagining yourself in them.

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Delve Website Design

Delve approached Toast to name, brand, market and promote a development of 38 apartments in Sydney's North Shore suburb of Lane Cove. We avoided cliché's that are expected of an apartment nestled amongst national parks, nature reserves, rivers and bays. We focused instead on the apartments interiors and architecture. Complimented by the lifestyle experienced by the residents.

The comprehensive online campaign created for Delve ensured that in searches for 'Delve Apartments' and 'Delve Land Cove' the website was #1 on Google.

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Delve Website Design

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